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Employment Law

What a lot of business law firms lack is the ability to provide leading edge advice on employment but we know that it’s as essential commercial advice.

As soon as you start engaging contractors or employees the problems can start if you don’t get it right. We can help you get set up to be compliant, avoid disputes and help keep your contractors and employees happy. 

And if you do end up with an employee dispute, we’ll be there to help you navigate your way through.   

Employment Law Melbourne, Victoria

Our employment law services include

The areas that we can help your with in employment include:

  • helping you to manage redundancies
  • guiding you on performance management and misconduct issues
  • managing unfair dismissal claims
  • bullying and harassment claims and investigations
  • guiding you on the optimal employment strategies for your business and their impact: permanent full time and part time, casual and contractors
  • advising on workplace restructures to align your workforce with your business needs
  • employment policy review and development to ensure compliance and also to enhance to the performance of your people 
  • drafting and negotiating employment contracts and advising on key terms, such as restraints
  • advising on the impact of modern award and enterprise agreement coverage on your business 
  • training in bullying, harassment and performance management to avoid costly and time consuming issues occurring in the first place, reducing you’re the exposure to your business

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Employment matters need to be managed from the outset – whether it’s hiring or a dispute, the right legal advice can save you mountains of time and money.
We prefer to work on a fixed price basis to give our clients certainty.
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